Our mission is to support individuals and teams in the development of great organisations that genuinely make a difference to the lives of their customers and service users, workforce and the world within which they exist.

This could be in the form of an organisation wide culture change programme or a one-off training programme for a specific group of individuals. Because our focus is people and behaviour we work with founders, boards, leadership and operational teams. We bring organisational purpose, strategic direction, development and on-the-ground practices together and wrap them up in the essential, protective and unifying arms of great organisational culture.

We know that organisations, of all shapes and sizes, of all different sectors and of all product and service types are the opportunity, wealth and wellbeing creators that exist all around us. They have the potential to provide products and services that enhance and improve our lives, provide jobs and purchase services that, in turn, support healthy economies. And, as we are seeing more and more, great organisations also play an active and significant part in their wider communities.

StraightForward can support organisations in getting teams aligned behind the organisational purpose so that they become personally invested and see the organisations success as something more - success for the wider world within which they exist.

If you’re an organisation or team that…

  • Embraces investment in team and organisational development to achieve continual improvement,
  • Is going through a period of significant change such as restructure, growth or merger,
  • Is welcoming a number of new staff or creating new teams,
  • Is experiencing particular performance, cultural or behaviours-based challenges,
  • Recognises it has been several years since you undertook focused organisational and team development activities,
  • Is just starting out and embraces the importance of establishing desired purpose and culture from the outset,
  • Is part of a cross-organisational collaboration or partnership where agreed purpose, values, behaviours, aims and working frameworks are critical to your success,

… then have a look at what our customers say about us and get in touch to see how we can work with you to help you make your organisation or partnership great or even greater.

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