Our Approach


Our approach is to focus on building lasting skills and confidence of people and teams.

We work with you to clarify how you want your people to behave and the skills your people need to drive the organisation forward in the pursuit of your mission and vision. We then design and deliver bespoke leadership, management and team development programmes that meet those specific needs.

StraightForward is about creating sustainable development and then stepping away but then always being ready to support the next development challenge or opportunity. We have a straight-talking, no-nonsense approach. We’re enthusiastic about our work and truly believe in what we do.

We are a values-led team. where what you do and how you do it should surely matter in equal measure. Making money – great, but making it well – even greater. Creating efficiencies – absolutely, but going about this compassionately – critical.

Our values are:

Integrity: We provide support that is honest – we know we have a responsibility to inspire and inform but also to challenge. Our ability to say ‘no’ when we know we’re not the right team to help shows how integrity is at the core of all we do.

Compassion: We’re a team of people who have walked our own paths in gaining credible, practitioner experiences within organisations of all shapes and sizes and across all sectors. We bring compassion, empathy and a hard-earned understanding of the reality of the needs that we are asked to support with; it’s because we’ve been there that we want to support others.

Energy: We recognise the hope and the responsibility that people place in us when they need support; that in the main, we’re meeting people at a time of need, not desire. So, we’re not allowed to have a ‘bad day at the office’ – we always need to rise to the challenge and deliver our support with real energy and in a way that brings inspiration and impact to those we work with.

Dedication: For us, dedication is something more than commitment. We know the sheer effort and passion that the people we work with have for their organisation’s mission and success, and if they ever need support, they deserve to get that support from a team that is as dedicated as they are.


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