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Organisation and Leadership team development

We work with senior teams to ensure they are role modelling effective behaviours and working together to lead the organisation. This is often done via team sessions looking at:

  • setting direction – developing mission, vision and values
  • defining the role of a leader (based on their competencies/behaviour framework)
  • understanding leadership styles and approaches and identifying individual development needs
  • clarifying the roles between different layers of leadership – clearly defining the split between strategic and operational focus and ensuring they are spending their time appropriately
  • enhancing teamwork

Competency frameworks

We work with you to set expectations around how you want your people to represent your brand. This means developing values and supporting behaviours and/or tracking already existing values into something meaningful for people on the ground. Defining the ‘way we do things round here’ by the development of a behaviour/competency framework, allows you to be able to measure not just ‘what’ people do, but ‘how’ they do it. You can then manage and develop your people much more effectively – after all the saying goes ‘it ain’t what you do, its the way that you do it!’ We often work with a team of senior managers as a Steering Group to lead the project and always include lots of input from employees via focus groups and 1:1s. We make sure the framework is in your words and reflects your organisation. We then work with managers to introduce the behaviours/competencies to all employees.

HR policy and process

We also design competency based HR processes to ensure that all people management and development processes are linked and ultimately work to support your organisation’s vision and values e.g. performance management, recruitment, succession and career development. We then work with clients to implement these, often by designing and delivering training for managers.

We provide specialist advice around HR policy and develop supporting documentation e.g. employee handbooks. Handbooks need to reflect the organisation’s culture and be written in a way that connects and engages employees.

360 feedback

Our approach to 360 includes developing a set of questions based on your organisation’s competencies (or a generic set of leadership/management competencies). We can then offer an online approach or collect the 360 feedback face to face with nominated colleagues. We often find that the face to face method of data collection is more meaningful as we can gather more specific evidence to support comments. We then provide the feedback to delegates during a 1:1 session, our team are all coaches and can, therefore, adopt a coaching approach to feedback.

Development Centres

We design and deliver bespoke development centres for leaders/managers at any level. Development centres are designed to test your competencies in a realistic setting. Exercises are developed around ‘real life’ scenarios and typically include:

  • Group discussions – based on an organisation issue that they need to discuss with colleagues and develop recommendations
  • Analysis and Discussion exercises – delegates usually have to review/analyse some data and present some findings
  • 1:1 sessions – delegates are required to handle a 1:1 situation with an employee e.g. a performance management situation (typically useful for managers who have large teams)

Often development centres involve lengthy report writing after the event and delegates have to wait (sometimes weeks) for feedback. We have developed an approach that means delegates get immediate feedback and are able to spend time during the event with a coach who provides feedback and appropriate support.

As we design exercises that meet your specific requirements the development centre will assess whatever you feel is necessary to assess. We work with you to ensure we assess the right competencies and ensure the development centre follows ‘best practice’. All our team are experienced observers and coaches.

Management development

We design bespoke management development programmes. The starting point for many of our programmes is a 360 process and/or development centres (see above) so we can identify development needs against your competencies. We then work with you to develop appropriate development solutions. We provide interactive, engaging workshops in a number of different areas including:

  • Coaching
  • Performance management
  • Decision making and problem-solving
  • Leading and managing change
  • Facilitation
  • Conduct and capability

Workshops can be stand alone or integrated into to a structured development programme. We also offer ILM accredited programmes.

ILM Programmes

We are an ILM approved centre and currently offer the following programmes:

  • Level 5 – Coaching and Mentoring
  • Level 3 – Coaching for Managers
  • Level 2 – Leadership and Team Skills

We have developed the above programmes in a pragmatic way that meets all the ILM requirements and also ensures an interactive and engaging learning experience for all delegates, at any level.

Business skills training

We offer a range of workshops aimed at employees at any level in your organisation. These tend to be developing core skills required at any level. Workshops include:

  • Assertiveness
  • Facilitation
  • Handling change
  • Decision making and problem-solving
  • Time Management
  • Preparing for performance reviews
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communicating Skills

Our focus is always to bring these subjects to life through interactive, engaging sessions that are based on real-life situations – working with delegates to ensure they can apply the learning back in the workplace.

Resilience Training

More and more employees are finding it challenging to manage the pressures of both work and home life. We have developed a workshop that focuses on:

  • Understanding resilience and what it means to each person
  • Developing their resilience and ensuring they can manage the transition from work to home and remain focused on peak performance (as an individual and for the organisation)
  • Tools and techniques for managing self and remaining focused on the outcome of any interaction/situation

This workshop has been adapted to reflect our Housing clients specific challenges relating to welfare reform.

Customer Service

We have developed a unique approach to enhancing customer service with both our private and ‘not for profit’ clients. We adapt what we do to meet our clients needs. It often includes:

Understanding what your customers say – Research to gather customer views of the service they currently get – this includes focus groups with staff, online surveys, mystery shop and a review of existing customer feedback. From this we work with our clients to see, what works, what doesn’t work and what needs to change.

Aligning policy and process – We then develop the appropriate policies, procedures and approaches that will support the new ways of working. This will be closely linked to our clients’ values and behaviours.

Developing your approach to excellent customer service – We introduce a set of simple principles (based on client needs) and a process for delivering excellent service. With many clients, this has been supported by a tailor-made DVD – showing real-life scenarios and the preferred approach in action. This helps people to really understand what is expected of them.

Training delivery – This is rolled out through training programmes aimed at developing customer service capability and also a consistent approach across the whole organisation.Training includes an introduction to the principles and process and also the supporting skills, tools and techniques. Our training is highly interactive – ensuring people have an engaging and fun learning experience. We also train managers to observe, feedback and coach their teams to make sure the training is embedded.We typically work with our clients to train their own people to train. We then support internal trainers, delivering with them and coaching them to ensure they are capable and confident enough to take on delivery without us.

Keeping the learning alive – We encourage our clients to think about how they can keep the learning alive. Managers are equipped to continue the process and we often train ‘customer service champions’ to support them. We have worked with some clients to develop a ‘customer service academy’, where individual’s learning and application is reinforced and rewarded outside the training room – recognising enthusiasm, commitment and capability.

Train the Trainer

Our train the trainer programme is adapted to meet your needs that is adapted to meet your specific needs – depending on the current level of capability. Whilst we offer a standalone programme, it is often integrated into our customer service offering, where we have successfully trained a team of employee and then supported them via co-delivery and coaching to ensure they are capable and confident enough to take on delivery without us. This clearly makes programmes more sustainable as well as developing useful skills in-house that can be utilised in many different ways.

Executive Coaching

The need for executive coaching is growing more and more as leaders/managers find themselves in more complex, ambiguous situations. Our coaching approach clearly varies for each individual. We work with individuals to help them:

  • Get to the heart of the matter they are dealing with
  • Develop clear outcomes – articulating what they want to change/address and what it will look like when the change has happened
  • Identify the steps to change
  • Consider options
  • Develop clear action plans

Our approach typically includes engaging the individual’s line manager, at the contracting stage, to ensure that the coaching goals are aligned with organisation performance.

Our coaches use a range of tools and techniques drawing on different models and schools of thought e.g. NLP, MBTI, TA and other well-known approaches.

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