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Project Description


Supporting culture change

Following the formation of Thirteen in April 2014, the Leadership team developed a clear set of values to support the vision and shape the culture. These values were aimed at helping people understood what Thirteen is about, setting clear expectations around behaviour and as such provided a springboard for new ways of working.

StraightForward were engaged by the Leadership team, early in the process to support the organisation in embedding the values. We initially facilitated sessions with managers to further explore what the values looked like in action and asked them what we needed to do to ensure that the values were brought to life within the organisation and what they would need to be successful as leaders within Thirteen. From these sessions, it was clear that there was a requirement to develop consistent ways of working across Thirteen.

To aid this process we developed more detail around the values, building on the work done by managers in the values sessions. This resulted in a clear framework, showing each value and the supporting behaviours.  The values and behaviours underpin all activity relating to Ways of Working within Thirteen.  Charlotte worked closely with the Ways of Working Steering Group, through the process to advise and guide around culture change.

One of the first areas for consideration was the shaping of a Leadership Development Programme now known as ‘Developing Inspirational Leaders’ (DIL).

Developing Inspirational Leaders

The programme covered all managers, with its key aims to:

  • Develop a consistent way of leading within Thirteen
  • Allow managers to ‘assess’ themselves against the Thirteen values and to equip them to lead their teams, actively role modelling the values and behaviours
  • Give managers the opportunities to share their knowledge and experience
  • Give managers the opportunity to get to know their colleagues across the Group

The observer training was aimed at preparing the Heads of Service and other managers to be able to observe and feedback to managers at subsequent development days.

The programme initially started with the following modules:

  • A launch event to set the scene and to start the process of developing self- awareness and personal style and approach (using Strength Deployment Inventory)
  • A development day where managers underwent a number of simulated exercises and received feedback on their performance, to inform their development plan
  • Maximising Impact workshop – focusing on driving performance
  • Developing resilience Through Change workshop – equipping managers with the resilience techniques and an understanding of change
  • Introduction to Coaching – recognising the need to shift to a coaching culture
  • Action learning Sets – encouraging leaders to work together, challenge thinking and take time out to resolve real issues
  • We are working with Thirteen to further develop coaching capability across the organisation.

Feedback from Leaders within Thirteen

The programme received excellent feedback. The main areas of feedback being:

  • Managers really appreciated the chance to ‘take time out’ from their day jobs and reflect on themselves and share the experience with colleagues
  • They developed a much clearer understanding of the Thirteen vision and ways of working
  • Managers appreciated getting feedback on their performance (strengths and areas for development) from StraightForward consultants during the development days
  • They have been able to develop clear personal development plans and therefore can focus on priority areas, moving forwards
  • They have developed tools and techniques that they can apply back in the ‘real world’

We are also working with the Heads of Service team to ensure they are fully equipped to lead the operational organisation agenda.

Quote from Thirteen…

“The ability of Charlotte and her team to understand our business and the direction in which we are looking to travel has really ensured that the programme is unique to us and as such gained buy-in from leaders at an early stage”

Heather Ashton, Executive Director